Amaze-Heater Flat Panel Room Heaters

Amaze-Heater Flat Panel Room Heaters

Convection or Convector?


I think you mean convection or conduction. There is also radiant.
Radiant heat is how our sun heats us - infrared radiation.
Conduction is direct contact - like a stovetop.
Convection warms the air which rises and draws in cooler air to be heated.

These would be convection, like a radiator.

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As it usually goes, I just got the 24 x 24 sized one of these from the mothership a few weeks ago and so far it seems to work pretty well.
One word of advise, when you get it, take it outside and plug it in for a while to burn off the smell. Also if you need any sort of thermostatic control you’ll need to buy that separately as this unit is either on or off only.

I ordered the smaller one here to put on the RV, nice to have something we can mount on the wall and keep up off the floor out of the way.


Please tell us what voltage these use - I don’t know why Woot keeps thinking we are are all qualified mind readers. Thanks