Amazing Flameless Candles

If you are looking for a natural looking alternative to a flame candle, DO NOT buy from this company. I purchased the square, scroll texture version several weeks ago when they were offered. The LED light sadly pulsates in an a very fake, even pattern that will drive you nuts. Candles with a random “flicker” pattern, like a real flame, create a desired natural illusion and are available everywhere.

On a positive note, the are physically well built. But even at only $10.00, they will greatly disappoint as they do not fulfill their promise to simulate a flame. It was given away as shipping it back for a refund was not with the effort or loss of money.

I bought several of these last time they were around. Two each of the carved wax, and each different sizes of the bronzed glass ones.

Two smaller bronzed glass ones came shattered. One of the carved wax was crumpled.

The carved wax candle is extremely prone to damage. If you keep your house warm, then the entire thing is rather soft and pliable.

The flickering is not natural at all. It you look at it for just a few seconds you can see the flicker pattern.

I contact Woot about my shattered orders, and after a few rounds with (I’m going to guess India support based on their names and English skills) someone in the US finally refunded me the entire order.

I still had to deep vacuum my carpet because the glass shards went all over the place.