Amazon Basics Active Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Amazon Basics Active Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Anyone happen to know the maximum distance between the two speakers?

Just use whatever length of speaker wire you need/want. Thats the only thing that connects the speakers together.

What’s that hole on the front of one?

My guess id the ir sensor for the remote, ill know soon as i just ordered 2 pairs

This is a FANTASTIC deal for a set of powered speakers that has Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm and a Toslink Fiber optic input connector. I was ready to buy a TV sound bar but at this price I can use these speakers with my TV, Phone & tablet and my desktop computer when I edit video, Fantastic deal!

Do the speakers have a mic? No mic . . .

Holy guacamole, I apparently didnt look carefully enough at the product description - these puppies are HUGE! I was figuring, heh, these are “bookshelf” speakers, maybe they’re 5 or 6" tall. No way, José, these bad boys are twice that and weigh a bazillion pounds each. I was figuring to use them to provide audio for my flight sim setup… I dont have enough room on the desk for these gargantuas and may end up having to come up with some creative solution.

Nobody’s fault but my own, of course, but its kinda funny that I paid less than a buck a pound for these huge things. Lol.


Lol, I was taken aback also. I looked at the measurments but had assumed that meant the boxed shipping size. Was planning on speakers about 1/2 the size of that. I will need to adjust my computer desk setup fairly dramatically to get these to fit, but fortunately I think it should work out ok.

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Yeah, that had to be one big bookshelf they were thinking about for these. I was thinking about 1/4 this size. Was going to set these up for my rear surround channels on my cpu setup, but they’re way to big for that. All in all though, I’m really happy with the sound quality and function of these. Ended up using them in the living room with my home entertainment system instead.

Does anyone know how I can order a replacement remote for these speakers

I would check eBay. I have found replacement remotes fairly cheap there in the past. You might have a wait to receive it if shipped from China