Amazon Basics Tritan 22-Piece Container Set

Amazon Basics Tritan 22-Piece Container Set

Are the lids microwave safe?

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According to the question and answer section in the Amazon listing: yes and no. Heating the container with the lid will create a suction that will make it difficult to remove the lid. Two others only responded with “no.”

Rubbermaid has a similar product called Brilliance that has vents for microwaving when the clips from the lid are not latched on. So you can microwave without splatter with the Rubbermaid ones.

It’s the same material so I would assume so. Just keep the container vented

I think they were implying if you have a lid latched when you heat it, the SEAL gets hot enough to deform slightly and it MAY fight the lid being removed, particularly with a little hot-to-cold vacuum goin’ on… I’ve got some Anchor Hocking glass containers (VERY much like the same family as these) where being sealed in the microwave made permanent changes TO the seals.

Actually, the review pertained to suction and not sticking. Suction occurs as the air pressure inside the container drops due to temperature loss after heating. The air expands and exits the lids while heating but the seals are sucked closed while cooling. I have similar containers and have had to be very careful not the allow the silicone seals make complete contact to the container while heating. It’s a minor inconvenience to prevent but can be a major inconvenience if the suction does occur.

I know these are sold out now but f it helps explain the seal thing, I have a set of Sterilite locking containers I got in a BOC that have a vent you can pop up when needed. It’s the orange bit in the corner of the lid in this photo:


But if you don’t need to vent (I don’t stick my containers in the microwave because I don’t want things to get permanently based into the plastic), I bet the containers Woot has would work great. I absolutely LOVE lids that lock on. I drop things a lot and they come in handy all the time.

I almost bought this set but I wasn’t sure if I had room in my cupboards.

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