Amazon Basics Vacuum Seal System

Amazon Basics Vacuum Seal System

What about bags for the vacuum sealer?

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  • Includes air suction hose and 16 foot roller bag; LED process indicator lights
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I ordered one as a backup. I hope the good reviews are more correct than the bad ones.

Are these bags tough enough that an average toddler can’t bust his way out of it? Asking for a friend

I can’t speak for the quality of this particular vacuum sealer but I bought my first vacuum sealer on woot, like, a decade ago and it was the least stupid purchase I’ve ever made here. I vacuum seal much of my leftovers. I buy these 8x8 aluminum pans and use the extra wide bags to do entire dishes that I can then pull out and reheat or send over to a friend when they are sick or in need. Back when there were such things as offices, I would portion out leftovers into individual portions, freeze and then bring to work like my own, homemade Lean Cuisine. I also use it for marinades. It is the best small appliance I own. I’d give up everything but the coffee pot for it!


Absolutely a must have to eliminate waste and loss. We make our spaghetti sauce once a month and split it up into fourths and freeze three. We have pasta with spaghetti sauce at least once a week. We make meatballs the same way but freeze them separately. I have never tried the “plate” trick but I will now. Also, I don’t know about this particular model, but the concept is a given and the entry level price should entice most everyone.