Amazon Cloud Cam Key Edition

Amazon Cloud Cam Key Edition

I’m still waiting on my order for this and how are are they available when I am yet to receive my order?? Very deceptive are you all waiting for a fluctuation in orders before you ship me my product?

I already contacted customer care and they said we’re sorry we have no control as to when you will receive your item. Since its coming from a 3rd party. Now, you all are selling more of what I for one yet to receive?
Update my June 4th arrival date now shows tracking for tomorrow delivery. I sure hope so. I could have ordered them from china myself by now.

Since these are all clearly purchased by people planning to resell them (sold out within an hour and 100% of buyers had >25 woots), could someone please post in here where they’re now for sell? I bought the Amazon Cloud key locks a few weeks ago, and since this isn’t made anymore, I’ve been looking for one of these ever since.

Hello. Not the case at all. Yours shipped and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

There are still delays in shipping and we’re working through them as best as we can.

This is a real bummer. My order the last time these came up was cancelled because supposedly the package was damaged. If they had more why didn’t they just ship these to me? Woot has been very fair with any issues I have had, but this makes shopping on Woot much less worth the effort. Too many problems and issues. I would have bought replacements here, but they are all sold out. :frowning:

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I’m in the same boat, but with having purchased a smart lock that requires this camera. Except, the camera is discontinued!

This is not the version that works with the lock right? It also costs more.

Correct. I deleted my post. The one in the garage sale doesn’t have the amazon key feature.