Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

Can I set these on a window sill and point them out to monitor my yard?

Not for night vision. The IR lights won’t penetrate your glass windows.

Exactly what I was thinking! I have a high window right over the door. I’m thinking a shield or something on the glass. Maybe tight against the glass. Great price, and AC powered, plus no exposure to the elements.

If there is an option to turn off the infrared lights on the camera and you have good outside lighting, then you could easily use these in a window. The room at night will have to be dark so no reflective light messes with the camera.

Is this compatible w Amazon Key?

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These units aside, the general problem I’ve seen from people trying use indoor cams through windows at night is that the IR still reflects back at the sensor regardless of room or external conditions. So even if it could penetrate the window to the outdoors, the reflections render the image useless.

Looks like this work me with Key and also ring here is a link to better answer any questions against compatibility