Amazon Cloud Cam - Standard or Key Ed.

Amazon Cloud Cam - Standard or Key Ed.

Don’t really understand the difference with the Standard and Key Edition.

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The key edition works with the separate door lock or garage door opener you buy so amazon delivery drivers can open either and make deliveries while the cam records it… Amazon no longer sells the regular Cloud Cam, the Key edition works like it though if you don’t have the lock or opener. I would get that one since it’s a newer edition device and one amazon still sells… I bought 2.

The description says that the Key version includes the lock, but I can’t see how to pick color.

You’re not getting the lock too for 50.00. It’s just the cam.

Does this camera require a subscription? I want a camera to point outside and view on my monitor. My office doesn’t have any windows.

No subscription required. The clips will save for 24 hours within the Cloud Cam app. The subscription will save the clips for longer. I don’t think you can view this from a computer monitor, however. But it can broadcast to your Fire TV or Fire Tablets, in addition to the App on your phone.
(I have this and it watches my pup all day while I’m at work. I don’t have the subscription.)