Amazon connected to wrong woot account

Hello. My Amazon account has somehow associated with a relatives woot account. I can’t find a way to sever the two accounts and associate my woot to my Amazon. I have chatted with Amazon customer service and they told me to contact woot. I sent an email to woot customer service last week and got no response. I have cleared cache and cookies, and revoked permission through both Amazon accounts, but they still associate incorrectly when I attempt to log in again. Please advise how I can sever the connection between the two accounts and associate the correct accounts. Thank you.

Yeah, it’s not easy. We actually have to open a ticket to Amazon asking them to do it.

So, the CS manager is out today so wait until tomorrow to do this.

Contact CS and give them a short explanation of what you need.

I need to remove the connection to the Amazon Prime account on my account so I can attach my new Amazon Prime account.

Woot account email:

Old Amazon Prime Email to disconnect:

Then tell them that Thunderthighs asked that it be forwarded to the CS manager to create a ticket to Amazon.

It’ll take a few days for Amazon to get back to us.