Amazon Echo (1st Generation)

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Amazon Echo (1st Generation)
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Dec 19 to Wednesday, Dec 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Bought 3 here on previous sale when they were $20 Less than gen 2 on Ama. This deal is only 10 less plus 5 shipping so only a 5 difference. Love the device, functionality and sound of the gen 1 version bought from woot last time.

The new version is only $10 more on Amazon today. And it comes with free shipping. This is not a deal at all.

The ones on Amazon are refurbished.

The 2nd generation Echoes are on sale for $79.99 at and there is no indication that they are refurbished.

This is still a great deal I own 1st Gen and 2nd Gen and the 1st Gen sounds so much better than the 2nd Gen. So sure you might only save $5 but this one is a better quality product!

Some of the reviews for the 2nd generation Echo say the sound is better. I suppose it’s totally subjective, but it doesn’t make sense that they would come out with a new version with worse sound.

It does it they needed to cheapen it up.

The new Echo 2nd generation is a shorter version ,on sale at $79 .

But this Echo , I found today at Amazon priced at $89 , certified refurbished .

The Echo Plus is actually the newer model of this 1st generation is priced at $149 with a bonus PH bulb.

This is a great price for a brand new Echo 1st generation which many consumers found that it’s actually better than the 2nd generation.
I bought 2 the last time here and love it .

$69 new w/$5 shipping here Vs $89 refurbished w/free shipping at Amazon . You make the call .

Great gift for loves one or distant family members , they’ll love you for it .

All-new Echo (2nd Generation)

Buying old technology is ALWAYS a great idea.

Most early reviews stated the 1st gen echos sounded better… The 1st generation does have larger speakers. I think they have improved the sound on the 2nd gen since the first reviews, so I’m not sure where it stands today.

That said, this is still a great deal and the 1st generation echo’s are still great devices that can do everything the 2nd generation ones can.

The sound of the 2nd Generation was improved for talking/understanding which ultimately made it worse for music (loses bottom end even with the dedicated subwoofer). The new generation also has an improved mic that allows it to hear even when it is loud. Most people are recommending the first generation over it, hopefully they fix the problems for G3.

Why would anyone want to buy a hackable surveillance device like this? You DO realize that it is ALWAYS listening, right?—that’s how it works. And it’s connected to your WiFi, and by default, the internet.

As a late-night comedian mimicking an Echo, “Dave, we’ve noticed that you’ve only had sex once this month, is there a problem? Would you like to see some Viagra ads?”

Which is better: an echo (1st or 2nd, you choose) or a $29 dot with a third party speaker either wired or bluetooth? Seems the latter could be a nice solution.

“xx$179.99xx 61% off List Price”
So dishonest, Woot. Using list pricing with other retailers is specious enough when we know the selling is price is nowhere near that, but when it is YOUR company’s (i.e., Amazon’s) own product and you’re not even selling it on your primary site for half the supposed “list price,” that’s just shameful. Not to mention that you’re selling the brand new, updated Echo for only $10 more - still no where close to the supposed list price of the outdated Echo.

From the greatest company in the world, in our totally unbiased opinion.

Now that’s funny

The Gen 1 Echo has more in common with the Gen 2 Echo Plus than the Gen 2 Echo. Having heard both I can agree that the Gen 2 are tuned more for voice and the Gen 1 (like the one here) for music so it all depends on your priority.

There are two differences between the Gen 1 Echo and the Gen 2 Echo Plus:
They made the tweeter smaller in the Gen 2, and they added a Z-Wave radio to directly control certain wireless gadgets without an added hub but almost everything else is the same.

There is no such thing as “old technology” with these as the brains actually live in the cloud. An Echo is nothing more than a dumb terminal to access what really does the thinking, so any improvements and new skills that are added are available to all Echos regardless of generation.

All that being said, the best bang for your buck is an Echo Dot currently selling for $30. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to try out this technology without breaking the bank. And if you already have a spare set of computer speakers or a Bluetooth speaker laying around unused then you can easily add those for better sound.

I have a first generation Echo and an Echo Dot with a Bluetooth speaker. I love my first gen Echo. At a minimum, it is the best Bluetooth speaker I have ever owned for the price. I compared the specs and the speaker is bigger for the first gen than the second gen, but bigger is not always better. With respect to the echo dot, it is practically useless in a large room. We keep it on the nightstand in our bedroom, but we have to have the Bluetooth speaker if we want to hear it in our connected bathroom.