Amazon Echo (1st Generation)

Amazon Echo (1st Generation)

Whilst this might be a tempting price, the “refrain from buying complex/innovative first gen devices” rule was again confirmed for us with the recent Amazon Echo Auto. It is largely a fail.

This 1st gen Echo might be closer to fully functional, and its decent sound quality appropriate for streaming music, but we’ve learned our lesson.

I own this exact model (first Echo device we bought) and have since bough 4 others (dots & and a show). This first gen tube/tower is still the best. Best sound, best visual (light show on top), and easiest to adjust volume (easily spin the top rather than prompting a voice-volume change).


Could very well be. We have an Alexa-loaded home and most of it works great.

But I take every opportunity to highlight how bad the Echo Auto is so others will not make the same mistake. It should have remained in beta.

So what is the deal with Condition? Very Good not available. So now you can get a Good for same $30 price as you were selling Very Good earlier? Presuming Very Good sold out?

Yes, the Very Gold sold out. We’ve always sold them at the same price.

Maybe it’s just me but I can’t knowingly pay the same for less. You’d have to lower the price for me to consider. What sort of defects distinguish Good from Very Good btw?

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Here’s Amazon’s definitions.

I must agree. The Echo Auto sucks. I bought it at $25 on the introductory plan. Wasted $25. Must use the phone wifi to give it internet access and then there is nothing it can do that that google on the phone cannot already do. Why the heck do you need it… You don’t! And this is from an Echo fan. I have 4 in my home controlling lights, outlets, garage doors…

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first gen echo was one of the best. build quality was top notch, if you have one you know.

Anyone else receive a 2nd gen echo instead of a 1st gen?

I received a first gen, but white instead of black. No big deal for me, white looks good where it is too.