Amazon Echo Connect Black

Amazon Echo Connect Black

Based on comments on the Amazon page, I thought this could not be used with a cable-based landline phone service, but the description says it works with VOIP. Which one is true?

We have a landline for a couple of reasons (for one thing, my cell phone doesn’t work inside the house unless you go stand by a window, and even that doesn’t work every time) but it’s cable phone just like our internet. I would love to be able to use this, but only if it’s compatible.

Spectrum cable, if that makes any difference at all.

My first question was, “Does it work with Obihai?”. This appears to be the answer.

If you’re asking “What is an Obihai?” Here’s the answer to that:
Obihai Technology manufactures analog telephone adapters which support SIP (session initiation protocol), XMPP and Google Voice compatible Internet telephony.

Short answer - It makes your Google Voice number into a home phone. Take that Ooma!!

Hope this helps.

Quick answer = Yes

Longer answer = VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. That could be Broadband (ADSL, IDSL, SDSL, U-verse, Spectrum, etc.), Cable lines (Spectrum, Charter, etc. - which are all landlines copper or fiber) - Satellite (Hughes net, etc.) or even Cellular (AT&T, VzW, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.)

You would move your existing Land line wire to this. So you are making what you have today more convenient to use with Alexa as your incoming home calls would come across Alexa

However, with this, you would use that service you are paying for to make calls as well

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So I have a landline that I do not use (have had it in my family for 2 generations now, weird, I know) but have the VZN Fios Voicemail hooked up to it. I don’t have any phones hooked up to the line. It’s mostly used for spam calls but once in a while a call from someone who had the number decades ago calls and leaves a voicemail.

If I hooked this up to my landline, it would announce calls over Echo’s and then I could in theory answer them?

How annoying is the announcement over echo? Would this wake me up in the middle of the night with the echo by my bed if someone called from Vietnam in the middle of the night? Can I select which devices it announces to so that the refurb dots I’m giving the kids for Christmas don’t get spam calls in the middle of the day? Although that might be fun for them to talk to telemarketers until they order a Disney vacation they can’t pay for…