Amazon Echo Connect Black

Amazon Echo Connect Black

I have tried about 7 different ways to order two of these at woot price including logging in with amazon prime, amazon login and woot login only to be told I will have to pay shipping to get them. I also seem to be having a hard time getting a checkout block without going through kart only to get another two added to order and when reduced back to two, I get shipping charge added again, every time. Something is not strong textworking right here.


I don’t understand why anyone would get this when Echo devices can already place phone calls. Just say “Alexa, call so and so” and she gets the number from your phone contacts. What am I missing?

I’m not staff, but it seems that something is preventing the proper cookies persisting in your browser to complete the connection between Woot and Amazon. Have you tried logging out of both Woot and Amazon before logging back in via the login with Amazon button? Are you running any sort of blocker?

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I think the main reason for buying one of these would be that the Connects can be assigned a phone number so they can answer incoming calls, (Echos can only make outgoing calls, but I may be wrong about that).

I bought one of these when they first went on sale and the bigger problem is telemarketers. All the Echos now ring, in addition to my home phones, when someone calls. And again, the majority of calls are telemarketers. I have an echo on my desk at work tied to my Amazon account and now it rings when they call. There maybe a way to remove the work Echo from the rest of the group, but I haven’t found it. So I ended up removing the Connect.

At $15, it wasn’t a big loss, but something to be aware of if you get one.

Will it display Caller ID on the screened echoes?

  • One of the quickest ways to rule out browser cache issues with a website is to open an incognito or InPrivate tab then access / login to the Woot site. If the problem persists then you can assume that it’s not a local cache issue.

  • Certainly, an ad blocker can cause 3rd party cookies to fail…

  • Also, with most browsers you would have specifically allow 3rd party cookies for Pay with Amazon in conjunction with Woot to work.

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Hi @jof

We don’t show that you’ve successfully logged in using Amazon Prime yet. Could you try this:

Log out of Woot.
Log back in using the Login with Amazon button.
Then try making your purchase.

If that doesn’t work, make sure you’re allowing 3rd party cookies. (e.g. Woot & Amazon). You might try clearing cookies.

I bought one of these when they first went on sale and the bigger problem is telemarketers.
And again, the majority of calls are telemarketers.

While I expect it’s desperately annoying to get telemarketing calls ringing all your echo’s, you’re correct - the ‘bigger problem’ is the amount of calls from telemarketers.

I solved this problem with a device called Tel-Lynx. Used to be on amazon… Nowadays it’s continually displaying a ‘out of stock’ on their amazon page, but you can google for it, and come up with a direct web-page for them, which you can order from.

It’s cut my telemarketers down to zero. Requires no (or very little) configuration - doesn’t work on white-lists but instead on requiring an unidentified caller to identify themselves. So, it’s literally plug it in, and you never have to touch it again. Doesn’t have a limit of [whatever] entries in a whitelist you need to manage. etc etc etc. Since telemarketers use a ‘computerized connector’ before they get connected to your phone, the computerized thing never (nor is capable of) identifying itself. Friends / family / actual people can do that if they actually want to talk to you.

Anyhows. Hook one o’ thems up to your incoming phoneline and the Echo’s would once again be happy, I expect.

I need this for my cell phone…lol

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