Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

Why would anyone voluntarily let Amazon spy on them? Some sort of convoluted sense of convenience?


Me. It’s no worse than Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.


You @ nymnyr8694 might just be shocked how MUCH MORE it is than Amazon, Google , Facebook spying on ALL of us.


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Still loving that creaky old mobile flip phone?

Otherwise, if you’re using a smartphone, you’re betraying your privacy far deeper than with this Echo Dot.


Sorry to let you down, but they don’t care what you or anyone else has to say except when they can use it to make Alexa work better.


The thing about these is that they are powered from USB, whereas the newer versions have a custom power supply. That can be useful if you want to use it somewhere where you don’t have A/C.


I don’t understand why these don’t have battery backups…

Why? It’s a cloud device. If you unplug it for a week and power it back up, it keeps all the settings in your Amazon Alexa account.

Note, the same is not true for Amazon smart plugs! We have a couple and stopped using them. We had them set up for Christmas lighting, with optimized schedules. But they forgot their settings during the portion of the year they were in storage. No such problem with our bulletproof TP-Link Alexa smart plugs.

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Don’t forget to use Promo Code FIRE to get $4 off. Limit 1.


I’m sure the mothership won’t like me saying this but you can buy this and trade it in on amazon for $5 and a 25% off coupon for another fire device (tablet even).

This is a no brainer purchase at $4. I’ll use it outdoors with some speakers (3.5mm out).

This is an amazing deal. With the $4 off, this became $4 for a $40+ dollar device. I haven’t received mine, yet but I’ll check back when I do.

What’s the difference between the Very Good, Good and Acceptable rating? Is it only cosmetically?

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Hi there. Those are the conditions that Amazon uses. Here you go:

  • Used - Very Good : Very minor cosmetic imperfection(s) on the item.
  • Used - Good : Minor cosmetic imperfection(s) on the item.
  • Used - Acceptable : Small cosmetic imperfection(s) on the item associated with regular use.
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I’m surprised that Amazon doesn’t just give these away for free with a new Prime account signup.

This deal has now been up for almost the entire quarter. Must be a constant stream of these 2nd gen Dots coming in.

Dot Hockey. One wonders how many of these Dots have made the loop…

From Amazon…
To the original buyer…
Back to Amazon as a trade…
To Woot…
Out to Wooters…
Back to mother Amazon again to get the 25% discount trade-in deal on a more expensive device…
And back to Woot…

Multiple times?

Honestly if any one of you think your not constantly on camera or heard your sadly mistaken. If you have something to hide well, don’t post here either! FYI there are “setting” n they do work… Also Amazon is connected to FireTV, smart tvs(yes they have cameras as well) SECURITY SYSTEMS- SEVERAL TYPES- Ring & Blink top of the list. Hence a good security system is not ran only w a phone you can utilize the echo devices to get alerts from them, soud off as part of your alarm system or shut it off (in settings there are options for voice recording/recognition) * ask it to show your camera on your television n much more. Not everyone likes a phone to be a remote :wink: Just use wisely and SET YOUR SETTING TO ACCOMMODATE YOURSELF! NOTE if you use this you can say “delete my recording from today” do it daily Or do it on your account but please do it daily if your genuinely concerned!!! Everything can be hacked

Last chance? It’s the end of an era.