Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

Great Item.

For $15, you get a pretty decent item here. I gotta say though, if I didn’t get my Echo on sale (I think it was $25 on a promo) I’d have been very disappointed by it. Its wonderful for simple things like asking the time, finding out the weather, and its definitely the best kitchen timer I’ve ever had since its voice activated. But the amount of times I’d ask a question that can be answered with a simple Google search and have been met with “Sorry, I don’t know that one” is astonishing. Asking it a question and getting back something completely unrelated is also very common (my favorite is when I ask “how much time left” on my timer, it will tell me about the Crimean Left political party until I ask her to stop).


What the heck?

I can see the Amazon “A” logo next to connected accounts and I have Prime.

Why does the order screen show $6 shipping?

In for one. I do wonder what “used” actually means, as opposed to the “r” word (it was verboten to say “refurbished” on Woot! back in the day).

How easy is it to turn off for privacy? Yeah, I know mic-enabled apps pretty much destroy any privacy we thought we had.

Voice activated smart-home controller/whole-home music player is pretty much what all of mine do.

Which, by the way, I feel is one of the coolest features of these that a lot of people might not know about. If you’re like me and want a Sonos-style whole home audio with synced music throughout your house, but you’ve already dumped a boatload into quality speakers/receivers, you can pop one of these guys into each receiver and set up room combinations in the Alexa app. So you can say ‘Alexa, play classic rock everywhere’ or ‘Alexa, play Nickelback nowhere’ or whatever individual room you like.

I have two Echo’s (dot and full size). I use them to operate smart devices and create a weekly grocery list. A few months ago, someone was trying to break into our house through a window. I have the Echo dot next to my bed and quietly told Alexa to turn all house lights on. The person took off and never came back. At this price, I’m ordering a third Echo.

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Everyone’s use case is different, but we’ve found our Amazon Dots to very useful.

And the quality of the responses - while not always perfect - have steadily improved over the year we’ve been using Alexa.

We also have a Google Home Mini next to the Dot and regularly compare the two - especially when one fails to respond appropriately. We curse at the Google Mini far more often than the Dot.

Other than the obvious weather, time, and misc info requests, our most frequent uses are streaming radio and music and turning lights on and off. We also check and change the thermostat using Alexa.

There’s a dedicated mic-mute button on the dot. It turns the light-ring red while it’s muted. Now, that sort of defeats the purpose of a voice-activated tool if you have to un-mute it every time you want to use it, and you can argue whether it actually stops listening… but the button is there in answer to your question.


Did the same thing to me. I had to sign out and then sign in with Amazon Prime.

I tried that and it made no difference.

Since these will sell out I’ll order and then debate later with Woot Customer Service.

So that’s a pisser… I just bought 2 of these, here on Woot, a few weeks ago, and paid $19.99 each. Haven’t even opened them up since they’re meant as xmas presents. :thinking:

Pimp out your dot for $50 and make it sound way better and be portable.
below is a video demonstrating it:
Amazon Echo 2 Cyber Acoustics Dot BOOM Speaker

Here is a link to purchase it:
Cyber Acoustics Portable Docking Speaker Works with The 2nd Generation Dot, with Built-in Rechargeable Battery

No doubt sucks, $10 is $10, but I wouldn’t feel too bad. $19.99 is still a smoking deal on these.

Were those $19.99 Dots used or refurb or new? (all different conditions)

Try logging out of woot and then logging in using the login with Amazon button.

You have to login with amazon each time because we have to verify prime status.

I tried that but no change. Ordered anyway due to concern of these selling out. Now what? Will customer service credit the shipping?

(Aside: why wouldn’t Woot auto-check the Amazon Prime status with a Woot login? You know we’ve linked the account. Or with an order? Seems like Woot is unnecessarly putting the burden on Woot custmers!)

(EDIT: Woot Customer Service was impressively fast in responding - hopefully the $6 shipping credit they said they’d apply will also be speedy. Seems like this is happening to other Wooters and only bogs down Customer Service.)

(EDIT 2: WOW! The invoice shipping credit also came thru quickly. Didn’t like having the hassle, but kudos to WOOT Customer Service for the speedy adjustment.)

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Same here. I wonder if woot price matches? I looked in the FAQ’s but couldn’t find anything. Heck, I’d even take a $10 woot gift card.

For me, these are ok. Mostly responsive, but you do get the occasional “I don’t know that one”. My biggest issue is we went from a Tap to having a Dot in the bedroom and the sound from the Dot is not anywhere near as good as the Tap. I’m hoping the new Dots are better since I need one more and I plan on swapping the new Dot for the 2nd Gen Dot in the bedroom. For this price, I almost went for one of these instead, but I really want better sound.

Apparently, improved sound output is the main functional difference of the new Dots. But I wouldn’t expect Tap-level sound out of a hockey puck sized Dot in any case. But unlike the Google Home Mini which has zero external speaker connectivity, the Dot will connect to nicer sound via either Bluetooth or 3.5mm external jack.