Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

I wouldn’t count on much better sound quality in the new dot. There’s only so much air you can move out of such a small form factor. Personally, I’d get one of these and plop it in a dock like the Cyber Acoustics one that was linked earlier in the thread, or the one that’s for sale now on electronics.woot. That’ll give you as good or better sound as the tap for a fraction of the price. Or like bluemaple said, get a soundbar or other output device and get REALLY good quality sound out of it using the 3.5mm plug or bluetooth.

@bluemaple :

The ones I bought were “Condition Used - Good; minor cosmetic imperfections”, just like these.

We have to use Amazon’s login (widget) to request Prime status. Sorry but that’s how Amazon does it.

OK, I just ordered one. Free Amazon Prime shipping. This will bring the total to 4 Echos in our house for music and lots of other things. We get the weekly email updates on new things Alexa can do. My wife likes playing Jeopardy on it each day before she goes to bed. Just say, “Alexa, let’s play Jeopardy”. :slight_smile:

For those struggling with the free shipping, you might try purchasing in a browser you don’t normally use (Internet Explorer… gasp). It might be an issue with your cookies not allowing a truly ‘fresh’ reauthentication with the amazon servers.

OR you could just mosey over to the Tech Daily and buy the docking station there!

Audiosnax Echo Dot Docking Station


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If the “used” condition is an issue for you or you wish higher volume capability, Amazon is selling the 3rd Gen Dot, new, for $23 each… IF you buy three of them. You have to go all the way to the Checkout screen to see the discount.


Yeah- That’s a good option also (and cheaper) , but the Amazon Echo 2 Cyber Acoustics Dot BOOM will give you better sound. and it’s way more pimped out

Do these come packaged in the normal Echo Dot box with instructions?

Ehhh…$65 or $50…In my situation, going with the $50 makes more sense. I need the new dot and I want improved sound…Don’t really need to spend $65 to get a massive thing.

Main point was these do work well, just don’t expect even decent sound out of them (without, of course, hooking them up to another speaker).

Caution to folks considering external Dot Speakers that embed the Dot. The speaker enclosures can interfere with the Dot’s “Far Field Microphones”. You might find the listening capability of the Dot deteriorates - especially in trickier, across the room with music playing situations.

“Better (quallity) sound”, agreed, to a point. But we’ve had the almost identically sized Google Home Mini next to a Dot for a year. The only thing we like about the Mini vs. the Dot is its louder sound capability.

I actually was considering this. hmm

Wait for Black Friday. $19.99 (NEW!) at Best Buy.

I gave up trying to get my Amazon login to work and there has been no answer at the Woot CS phone line or email all morning so I was forced to get this Woot using my regular Woot account. I sent an email to Woot CS asking for a refund of the $6 S/H I had to pay due to this issue. I can login directly to my Amazon account so I know the issue is in the Woot login logic. I hope I get a refund. I wasted all morning on this.

Yah, and you can go inch by inch all the way to the new 3rd Gen Dot for yet another 5 bucks at Best Buy for BF at $24.99.

I had this glitch too… I removed it from my cart, closed out the app, and when I went to checkout after doing that it worked like it is supposed to.

Was this in the app, in a browser on mobile, or desktop? What was going wrong with your Amazon login so I can get the devs to take a look.

Can these be turned into Kid’s Edition (sans protective case and what not)? We got the kids their kids’ fire tablets last year which came with FreeTime and plan to renew their subscription for next year. Can I turn on the FreeTime on one of these guys? At $15 a pop I could put one in each of the kids rooms.

I may even put some smart bulbs in their rooms so they (I) can control lights for them.

The microphones are located on top of the dot. I don’t see an issue with the enclosures being an issue with obscuring the mics. The only problem that I would see is that playing at higher volumes would make it more difficult for the dot to pick up the wake-up word and/or listen for instruction. That would be true of any of the echo devices at playing higher volumes.