Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

Cool, these are 5 dollars cheaper than last week, and I almost bought them then!!
I have one at my bedside already. Love it as my alarm/bedside clock.
I will be giving one to my mom now and I have one for my kitchen (as a timer, and back ground noise as I cook.

They are not in a retail box. Most likely brown or white box. Quick guide is included per “In the box”


I tried 5 times to use Amazon Prime. Each time there was a $6 shipping fee. I give up.

I went thru CS when i had that problem and they were able to help me.

FYI we are starting to run out of these now.

Far Field processing is designed to interact with its surroundings. Those mics are not simply individual dumb mics. They have smart processing behind them.

The Dot is optimized for use on a flat surface and with its own internal speaker vibrations smart-filtered out.

Inserting it in a foreign to its original design box, with a third party speaker introducing foreign to it vibrations could interfere with its listening capability.

I have seen reviewers of Dot-holding external speakers mention they believe the listening capability of the Dot deteriorated.

I bought one here for $20 when they were featured, then ordered two more refurbs on Amazon… then up they pop here for the $15. Luckily they were backordered on the mothership so I canceled that and Wooted them instead.

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