Amazon Echo Show (1st Generation)

Amazon Echo Show (1st Generation)

Can I use this thing like a Fire TV, let me explain so it is easier to answer. I want to use this as a video screen in the kitchen while I cook, I don’t want to hook it to a TV to watch movies on, I just want to watch streaming media on it in the kitchen so I have a distraction while I am cooking. Also not required but nice to have, can it pickup where I left on another device and is there a remote for ease of searching for stuff to watch? I have used a Chromebook, tablet, and even a phone for this in the past, but I’m thinking a dedicated device in the kitchen might be nice.


Search “echo show screen issues” before buying. Woot wasted my time once by sending me one of these that (almost out of the box) flickered. I had to ship it back (which is a pain). There is no way they are quality checking these. They are simply waiting until enough people buy them and are too lazy to return. They even offered me 10 bucks to keep my defective unit!

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Yup, bought 2 last time, didn’t get around to using them for awhile, but sure enough the 1st one quickly had screen flicker issues, then started using the 2nd one instead and same thing happened shortly after, but too late to send back since I didn’t use right away. Not sure if it’s a Echo issue or just bad QC on the “refurb”, but I really liked it while it worked…