Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation)

Excellent Echo Show model. Nice sized display for streaming video in the kitchen, excellent sound. Handy for checking Alexa compatible security cameras. $173 new open box here vs $229 new at Amazon.

The only thing missing that is included on other newest Shows - the camera shutter switch - is easy to address with a tape or post-it flap.

New, it comes with an Amazon 1-year warranty vs the Woot open box 90-day warranty. Albeit, I’ve found Woot support to be excellent on Echo units.

We paid Amazon $135 for a used, certified Show 10 a couple years ago.

[Edit] Just noticed Amazon is selling the certified Show 10 for $130, with the original Amazon 1-year warranty. We’ve always found Amazon certified Echo devices to be in truly brand new condition.

Morning all! When you get these, you’ll be surprised at just now NEW they are. And if you register them, you’ll get a nice surprise of a full warranty.

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