Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8

What does new-open box really mean?

Listen up! We’re listing this Echo Show 8 as ‘New - Open Box’. These units were not used, and come with the original retail box and accessories. We’re backing them with a 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

I wondered the same thing. How many “open” boxes do you have to have to make front page of the best sellers?

Purchased two of these recently to replace the two first gen refurb units I previously purchased on here (don’t buy those). They came in original packaging, the boxes were “opened” but the units were still sealed. ymmv but I thought it was worth it. No issues at all, may pickup a couple more.

Is there the capability to upload pictures via wifi to be displayed like a screensaver type.

You can upload it to Amazon photos or you can show folders of pics from your phones. (from what I’ve figured out so far… I just got it though)

Either thru Amazon photos or thru connecting your Facebook account and using the photos from it. You can then rotate them continuously as a screen saver. If you just want to use a single photo as a screen saver you can download it from your phone to the Alexa app and then on the Echo 8 choose settings, wallpaper, Alexa app photo (or Facebook account or Amazon Photos) .

They say these are new and they appeared new when removing from the box, however I am unable to register either of the units I purchased. I’m going to have to contact Amazon and see if they are registered to a different owner because neither of them will accept my Amazon account credentials to complete the device set up.

UPDATE - I ended up calling Amazon and found out that BOTH of these Echo Show 8’s I purchased from WOOT! were reported as “Stolen/Lost”. I had to have Amazon change the status on bot of these devices before they could be registered to my Amazon account.