Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

So, the Amazon Echo Show is basically a 7" tablet in a speaker dock that you can’t remove from the dock, right?

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I like my first generation Echo Show. Great sound. I recently purchased 8" Amazon Fires with the charging dock. It basically works the same except you can lift them up and use them as a tablet. I like that I can see my WYZE security cameras by name. They were a little bit cheaper than the Show. The show has better sound and the microphone seems to work from a better distance.

Hasn’t this usually been on sale for $79?

That’s for used ones or the echo spot. This is as good as the best Christmas deals.

It is the older model so it’s closing out but I doubt it will get a lot cheaper.

We bought several of these at this price for Xmas presents. Quick and easy way to video call between everyone that our 3yo can operate. She just tells Alexa who she wants to talk to. Also, links with Ring devices to announce when motion is detetected and show you your camera. Does everything a non-video echo can do as well. You can link it to Amazon pictures (unlimited backup of your pictures if you have prime) and set an album to rotate through to show you pictures or can set it to show you pictures from same day in past years. Displays weather information as well. Wife likes being able to glance at it in the morning to know current temperature as she is getting ready. Since one day it is a polar vortex and by the weekend it’s 60* can not assume anything.

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That is how I see it. I bought two tablets and regular stands (they do not have the built in dock, but they are much cheaper). The tablets works fine in “show mode”. I am not sure about the ability to “see”.

Will this link to Amazon Prime video?

Yes it does show prime videos.

can i have any leftovers sent to me!?! Thanks