Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Outstanding product.

What do you find that it does that one of the non-screen products doesn’t? I’m interested if there are some advantages. Thanks

Finally at a price that fits the less than Fire tablet specs.

Tempting but that 90 day Woot warranty rather than the 1-yr Amazon warranty for a used device is a show-stopper.

FYI, bought one of those used Echo Dots from Woot for $15 a while back and it looked brand new, although in a plain box.

A multitude of stuff, even if not perfectly. Sampling:

  1. Real speaker volume level. The sole deficiency of the 1st gen Dot. (And fixed on the 2nd gen)

  2. Watching streaming content on the counter/table without having to balance a phone/tablet. (Although, less than wonderful screen size/quality.)

  3. Easy video calls with other Alexa users. (Alexa app or Show)… we’ve toyed with our extended family getting Shows for this purpose.

  4. More complete answers to questions.

  5. Visual weather, etc… rather than audio.

  6. Viewing security cameras (Alexa-compatible). Even the wonderful little $25 Wyze cam is Alexa compatible.


My comments from last time they were on woot.


What were the EXACT words you used that landed you a Gen 2. I mean the EXACT words, maybe even write a script.

More so than ever before, interaction with Amazon Customer Support is a complete crap-shoot. Seriously, your success or failure is a coin toss, depending on the agent you get.

The response as to what “policy” is or isn’t and whether they can address your issue is unpredicable.

Squeaky wheel and running it up the food chain can lead to success, but not necessarily. Even with successuflly getting a resolution, they often make you feel like you’re defective for requesting a defective product/service be remedied.

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Who is Judy and why am I having dinner with her on May 4?


I just asked Alexa… she responded “Hmm, I’m not sure.”


This is a really tough call. I have wanted one of these for the kitchen for a while. I was an original beta tester for so many of the products. I even have the original echo that come came with the remote for free. My dot. My tap. Currently, my hurd of alexa devices includes, 2 fire sticks, 1 fire tv, 3 fire tablets, 3 echos (1st gen for the win), 3 dots (1 1st gen, 2 2nd) and two taps.

That being said, the if you sort by recent reviews on Amazon, the failure rate within 1 year seems pretty high. People complaining of screen flickering. This would most likely indicate that there is a wiring/board issue. It could be the that vibration from the sound is impacting something. Just a guess.

Square Trade is 1 year for $11. 2 year for $17. but then you are on your own. Conversely, from amazon you would have a year, and you could probably finagle something within 18 months. But still. They are going for like $150+ on ebay.

Decisions, decisions.

I love mine and use it in the kitchen every day. That said the screen crapped out within a few months. It was new from Amazon so they replaced it no problem. I like the gen 1 because the speakers are in the front- they moved them to the back for gen 2. If I wanted the sound to fill the kitchen I would use a different device. This is a great price but the 90 day warranty kills it for me.

Sorry. No PLEX playback, no purchase.

Used it for a month and the screen started to fluctuate…returned it for a refund!