Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

WooT! Shame on you!
It is very misleading to show the list price for this item as$229. That is the list price for the 2nd Gen Show. This model, the 1st Gen can be had much much cheaper, around $90. You are not comparing apples to apples.
I am disappointed in you, you should know better!

What is the difference between echo show one echo show two

What is the difference between echo show one echo show two

Main differences are screen size and resolution and audio quality.

I just purchased this a few weeks ago on Woot! for $10 more. Can I get a credit for the difference?

I purchased it a short time ago for 69.99, and I am certainly not going to pay more this time.

Besides this is electronics, prices drop all the time, just a matter of waiting until it gets to a price you want to pay, if it is 99, 89, 79, or 69, They get us at every level. I just held out long enough, and found it for a price I was willing to pay for it. anything more, and I wasn’t’ pulling the trigger.

Hope you get something, but I doubt it, as again you were pleased with the higher price a few weeks ago and have got some use out of it. maybe those few weeks were worth $10. :slight_smile:

The 1st gen Show is not worth $89 - at least to me. Too many compromises like small screen size and poor resolution, so-so sound.

A more flexible option might be a full high def screened 10 inch Fire tablet + Echo/Alexa dock. But more $ even when the Fire is on sale at $99.

I apologize for being upbeat and not complaining about price, sound quality and prices. I have the Echo show and paid $149.00 for it a year ago. It is a great compliment to the kitchen and use it daily for pics, music, temperature, etc. The sound quality is good and the picture quality is good as well. This is a great deal. If I didn’t have one now, I’d jump on this immediately. I’ll do my best to complain about something else later…


The 2nd generation is much improved.

  1. Main difference is that Gen 2 has a built in hub which can control smart devices.
  2. Another huge difference is that the screen on gen 2 is rectangle as are most tablets where gen 1 is more square. The rectangle shape makes it better viewing since most aps are made for tablets which has a rectangle screen
  3. Audio is better on gen 2

We are already invested in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem with 2 Echos and 2 Dots. We don’t have any security or doorbell cameras, and nobody in our family who owns an Echo has them either - and nobody has plans to get a camera, regardless.

So - without cameras, can anyone who owns an Echo Show please tell me what they consider to be the “must-have feature(s)” of this particular device that might convince me to pull the trigger?

No need to apologize for being happy with your purchase!

It’s great everyone has differing use cases and requirements.

Mine looked brand new. I also paid $150 for the Echo Show 1st Generation a year ago. For $50 this is a great deal. In another year the Generation 3 will be out and people will be complaining that the Generation 2 isn’t worth $50. You can’t make some people happy as the glass is always half empty to them.

You’ve been here before! :slight_smile:

I’m here because the recent listing 404s.

Mine is sealed in box. I’m confused. Order history says I bought used. Also the email says they were 59.99 but order history says I paid 49.99.

Wtf Woot. I specifically ordered used - Good and received new/sealed. You’re making me look bourgeois. Now I have to return them all and find damaged ones somewhere else.


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Dadgummit. I have no idea what happened. Whoever did that should be whipped with a wet noodle.