Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

The 1st Gen Amazon show has an inherent flaw in design and performance. Over time the screen will flicker and make the unit worthless. Worse than that, Amazon knows this and that’s why you only get 90 day warranty. That’s why they are dumping them on their sister company WOOT. After 4 months my unit died and I got stuck with an (at that time) $80 piece of junk. Thanks for nothin.

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Can they really be sisters if one bought the other?

Thanks. That’s exactly what I needed to know. I was seeing if it would link with Prime video . I love my echo.

I’ve read that “inherent problem” doesn’t actually occur that often percentage wise, it’s just that people make noise about it. This is so tempting and the closest thing to “The Jetsons” video phone.

II bought a refurb Echo Show 1st gen from Amazon over a year ago and it works great. Although it was a refurb (came in generic box) but everything was in pristine condition - including plastic cover on screen as it were brand. I haven’t experienced any issues in the 18 months of ownership and am strongly considering purchasing another one at this price for my office, my only wish is that I could play YouTube on the Echo Show without using my browser. (Just in case anyone’s wonderful I also own
the 2nd gen Echo Show and again we are not experiencing any problems).

Not much of a deal…get an email offering the discounted price and go take a look only to find it’s marked as sold out? Literally 2 min after I received the email. Why bother wasting my time.

I was just wondering the condition of the Show other people recieved. They stated they were in GOOD condition and may come repackaged. I ordered a white one, it was completely packaged as new - original box and plastic wrapping. There wasn’t a single blemish anywhere on it.
So far I am very happy. Let’s hope if they were re-certified that the known screen problem won’t rear it’s ugly head later on.
I also noticed during Prime Day that Amazon is recognizing these, as it was offering me $30 trade-in and 25% off a new Alexa item for this exact Show.

@ThunderThighs The screen is already failing on my unit. What to do? Are replacements available?

Dang it. Sorry. Contact woot customer service. They’ll have some options for you. I can’t see available inventory.

I will. Thanks.