Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

How is it that almost all these various items are sold out before I even get the email? This happens quite often. Does Woot have groups of favored customers on an early notification list? Have I angered someone at Woot?


Got to be there at 1 am est to get first shot at the deals.

Though in this case, the sales didn’t happen until later in the day.

(You must have been sleeping. :laughing:)

I’m almost always sleeping at 1 am. But it’s 6 here and it says this was posted 17 hours ago. Wait I don’t have enough fingers to count back.

Want some of mine?

I saw the 17 hours bit, though I also looked at the hourly sales breakdown.

I got an email with the link at 1:36 am.

Oh, I stand corrected.

Be where? When I GOT the email almost everything was already sold out.