Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

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Pretty sure the Gen 1 shows had screen flickering problems, amazon took them all back from customers under warranty and now reselling those defective devices. The screen flickering issue is intermittent so i’m sure more than a few of these devices were listed as functional and marked for b-stock.

I personally regret my purchase of 2 devices that now flicker screens 100% of the time with no support from amazon due to limited warranty on “refurbished” devices.

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Yes, buyer beware. The failure rate of these Woot refurbs is insanely high. Some report three returns in a row in other threads.

I'm sure this is not a ''fix all'' for the above mentioned problem with some of the Amazon Echo Show having a problem with a Flickering Screen....but I found this video interesting . As for the one I got from Woot last time they offered them I have not had any problems out of it or any other of the refurbished items I have bought from Woot over the last 15 or so years ! I like the fact that most of Woot's refurbs are refurbished by the manufacturer and not a third party like so many of the things you find on the internet.

Amazon Echo Show Flickering Display Screen Simple Fix

…also some have posted that ‘‘Recent firmware update has solved the issue of my flickering screen’’ so make sure to do any updates when you get yours.