Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black

The 1st Gen Amazon show has an inherent flaw in design and performance. Over time the screen will flicker and make the unit worthless. Worse than that, Amazon knows this and that’s why you only get 90 day warranty. That’s why they are dumping them on their sister company WOOT. After 4 months my unit died and I got stuck with an (at that time) $80 piece of junk. Thanks for nothin.

I bought 4 of these off Woot for under $50.00. Two of them, I know for a fact work great. The other two are gifts that I haven’t given out yet, but I’m sure they will work as well. For the money, you can’t beat them. We have a second generation in our home, so I bought one for our son and one for our daughter the first time we purchased them. Then the next time they went on sale, I bought one for my sister and one for my mother (the ones I haven’t given out yet because we haven’t gone down to visit them yet). I can’t wait to hook them up so I can visit them anytime without leaving the house. My grandson, loves playing games with Alexa. You can play music, games, get information, weather, recipes, and just about anything with it. They are great. Have fun with it. You won’t be sorry.

I bought 4 when they first came out and all are still working great. I bought another one from Woot for $59 a couple months ago and gave it to my daughter as a moving out gift, it’s doing just fine.


You keep saying that but I’ve had mine for longer than I can remember and I haven’t had that problem.