Amazon Echo Show - First Generation

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation


These have a well known problem with screen flicker. It comes in after the unit sits and runs for a while.

Do you think the refurbisher does a 72 hour or longer burn in test of these? No, only the customers who put these units into the refurbishing stream in the first place do that.

You might get a good one, but more likely, it’ll just power up, look great for a day or two, maybe even a week, then you’ll find the screen flickering.


What is the difference among Used-Good, Used-Good(1), and Used-Good(2)?

There’s no difference. Just different difference buckets of inventory. All the same condition. Sorry for the confusion.

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Dont! These also have a well known problem with audio, popping like a scratchy record or staticky radio. I have a 1st gen Echo Show purchased new from Amazon and it’s so annoying if you want to listen to music. If you ask it to tell jokes or look up stuff on WIkipedia, no problem. Hooking up an external speaker solves the popping problem, but then Alexa’s voice drops an octave or so. Sigh.

Google “Echo show popping” Apparently it’s a hardware problem and replacing the device replicates the problem.