Amazon Echo

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Amazon Echo
Price: $134.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jul 01 to Monday, Jul 04) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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6/30/2016 - $134.99 - Click To See Discussion (23 comments)

They’re back! Yay!

Wife said, “No.” Boo!

Life-changing awesome-ness

This was a Father’s Day gift, yet my wife uses it far more than I. Show her how she can control stuff without getting up or reaching for her phone.

I got an Echo when they were first released. I liked it so much, I got one for my Mom, too. We both love listening to music and getting weather and news updates so easily.

They are always adding new capabilities.

Alexa is awesome!

Geez. I paid $100 for one of these new from Amazon. This is no deal.

Just did a search and couldnt find one lower than $180. Where did you find this $100 one?

Early adopters/preorders who had amazon Prime were sold them for like $99, thats how i got mine

Just because that was a super good deal doesn’t mean this isn’t a deal at all. It’s still the best price you’ll find now.

I don’t have an Echo yet… was thinking about getting one. Is this Manufacturer Refurbished or 3rd party?

Wondering if it’s worth it - how is the speaker compared to say a regular bluetooth speaker?

It is what Amazon charged for these when they first came out.

As a one time only promotion.

I wonder if it works in other languages

I bought one of these when they were first out. This is fantastic gadget.

I primarily use this device for music, but the shopping and to do lists are quite handy.

Its very hand for looking up quick data, weather notes, etc.

You can involve this device with power control devices and :smart: your home up a bit.

You can also purchase music from the amazon store.

You would be surprised how useful this thing actually is.

Currently, I think only english.

Got one as a pre-order when it first came out. It has changed my life ! I’m on vacation now and miss Alexa more than the dog.

I too saw this at $99. Sorry AMZN but you set the price. This is WAY TO HIGH for the product.

Wait until their big AMAZON PRIME DAY ShinDig I bet these will have a killer price. July 12th with deals leading up to it starting July 1st. Check your emails if you belong to PRIME

When Amazon first put echo out for pre-order it was to Prime members only at a $100 price… I have not see them sell for that since…