Amazon Fire 7" (2015) 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet

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Amazon Fire 7" (2015) 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Nov 28 to Wednesday, Nov 29) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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We got one Black Friday (same deal) and while it wanted to force you to use Kindle Kids account by default (even making you create one) there was a way to bypass that once you got it up and running. Good price for a decent device.

Sometimes I wonder if they just want to unload a bunch of junk during a woot off… .knowing people will buy it just to get to the next item.

Does this require a separate purchase of a charger? I see it comes with a USB cable, does that charge it?

The USB cable does charge it. You just need to plug it into a computer or existing USB charger (iphone charger, whatever). I have a few of these for roadtrips.

Eh? I’ve got one of these and while it’s no top of the line tablet, it’s excellent for reading ebooks and doing some light tablet stuff (e.g. playing The Room). And for $20.00, that means e-readers have finally gotten to the don’t-care-if-I-forget-it-on-the-beach-chair range.

How does this stack up against the Kindle paperwhite? In other words, is it as good for ereading?

These things are just awful, even at $20. They are very slow when performing basic tasks/apps. Doing anything that requires video or processing power renders them frustratingly unusable.

I personally do not like them for reading, but my wife doesn’t mind

In my opinion they are too shiny and hurt my eyes, it’s like reading on your phone screen, only bigger. If you don’t mind that, then they are fine.

I use mine for around-the-house video watching and short trips where I’ll need some internet bigger than my phone. The camera is not good, the screen isn’t especially HD, but it’s a device I use at least a few times a week and will not care when it breaks as I’ve already gotten a year and a half of use out of it.
You cannot install Google-native apps (maps, Gmail, etc), they still haven’t allowed you to modify the default search engine (Bing?) when you use the homscreen bar, and the Silk browser is slow.
And yet, when mine does break, I’m going to get the HD model.

I’m an Apple guy, but or $20 I’ll give this a try.

Even if I just end up using it to listen to podcasts in the bathroom, I’ll be happy.

very different animal. the paperwhite is for readers. tablets like the kindle are very reflective - not as kind to a readers eyes.

you would be able to read the paperwhite outdoors in bright light. that would be difficult with the kindle.

if you’re getting the device for reading -
my vote is definitely for the paperwhite (or similar)

I ran into the same thing as described by Marktoml. I was forced to set up a kids profile but could then change to the “primary” account after. Had me worried for a moment that they might have passed a kids edition tablet off as a normal one.

Can anyone explain how to get past the “Kids Edition” stuff? This is not advertised as a “Kids Edition”, now I’ve received it and it only allows for childrens’ profiles.

I believe it’s a setting.

This is wild. I’m on the phone with customer support because this device won’t register. They’re telling me that it was registered as lost or stolen and they are not responsible for refurbished sales from third party websites. An Amazon product refurbished by Amazon sold on an Amazon (woot is owned by Amazon) website and they can not register it for me. Welcome to our prime future prime citizen. Step out of prime again by getting a good deal from us and your salary of prime chips will be reduced.

I’m sorry for the problem. Amazon support is supposed to help you with any problems on these tablets but on a few occasions, they don’t.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Woot took care of me and is sending another tablet out free of charge. Way better customer service than Amazon

Had the same problem- got a device that was reported as “Lost or Stolen” so couldn’t register it at all. Unfortunately, it was my kid’s Christmas present and didn’t discover the problem until now, when I tried to set it up before wrapping. Woot refunded promptly because they didn’t have any more to send me, but it’s still a bummer. I, too, was surprised that Amazon customer service couldn’t do more to help, since Woot is owned by Amazon.