Amazon Fire 7" (2015) 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet

Bought one of these last time. It’s fantastic for the price, but the CPU gets a little bogged down, sometimes requiring a reboot to speed back up to normal. For example, the launcher will take a few seconds to render when returning from another app, and launching Kindle and getting into the book you were last reading can take 30-60 seconds. (You’d think Amazon’s own tablet would be optimized for Kindle!)

The back cover is way too slippery for a tablet (thank goodness for PopSockets)., and the screen is weirdly skinny. It’s nearly an inch narrower than our other household 7" (16:9 instead of 16:10), and it’s interesting getting used to that — keyboard is skinnier, Kindle looks more like a newspaper column than a book, etc.

I did side-load Google Play so I could get the apps I want instead of the apps in the sparse Amazon App Store. Here’s how:

In short, totally worth the price.

So I own a 8 (2016) and 10 (2017) inch. For this price (check the specs) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking a pass at this and splurge another $10 for the 2016 8 inch. Those have the basics for an entry level tablet. If you can swing it, get the semi legendary 8.9 inch HDX. These were put out just prior to Amazon abandoning competing in the upper end tablet market for the now entry level (but decent) market for their 8-10 inch tablets. I don’t have one but again, they have crazy great specs (for an older tablet), and their screen is every bit as good as an apple tablet.

I assume that most apps will not add to the external sd card, saving internal memory so I would like to know if internal memory can be switched with external memory. TIA

You may have just saved my sanity. Some of the kids had android tablets and the fire tablet kids couldn’t play the same games because TBH the Amazon app store is craptastic. (And not in the good Bag Of kind of way.)