Amazon Fire 7" (2015) 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet

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Amazon Fire 7" (2015) 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $6 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown
Condition: Refurbished


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7/17/2018 - $14.99 (Woot-off)

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When does Amazon start paying us for “buying” a Fire tablet?

Or perhaps throwing one in with every Prime Membership?

Sometimes I wonder about this 7" fire deal if it is false advertisement. It comes on often and every time I come on to look at it, it’s always sold out. Not once have I actually see it as available. Are they selling two at a time or something? Weird. It could be moments after they send me an email, and it’s sold out when I go to look.

Yep - appears to be a “loss-leader” click bait thing.

Even if you don’t get to the page quickly yourself, the dearth of comments is a giveaway they’ve sold out before anybody can comment.

I can confirm I picked these up this morning. Great deal. Going to use for control screens around the house.

FWIW, we had over 2000 of them.

… and since they sold out in 6 hours (middle of night hours) that price certainly appears to be low! Especially given they appear to sell out in a similar time frame every time.

I saw the Sale mentioned in a News Feed article, from which I clicked the LINK to Woot
and grabbed just 1. I’m super happy it powers ON in Kid’s mode…It’s for my granddaughter anyway!

You sound like my boss. “Raise the prices, come into work on time, put your clothes back on…”

Haha, I did Product and Pricing configuration for an auto company for 10 years. The goal of course was to extract every possible dollar out of customers. :wink:

(Disclosure: I’d like a chance at one of these, even if the price goes all the way up to $18…oh wait, just noticed this is a three year old 2015 model… never mind.)

I can confirm it is a real deal and they were available. I was able to order 2 for my kids. Great deal for a slightly older tablet.

Surprisingly, very little changed between the 2015 and the 2017 model. FWIW.

Well…This Fire did not open to the Kid’s interface/homescreen.
I ordered it for that reason.
And, the screen is scratched in 3-places.
This is a WELL USED device.
Even at $15 I’m returning it…Depending on cost.
I’ve emailed CS to get information.
I’m so disappointed with my First Woot purchase.
ETA: WOW…WOOT emailed a refund notice and said to keep it…
(or shove it…depending on attitude
of writer! ) Pretty cool actually, cause I’d need an actual return label jailed to me…

Too late to EDIT above post.

WOOT emailed a Refund notice and said Keep It. (or shove it, depending on writer’s attitude!)

Pretty cool, since I would need a real return label mailed to me.

Guess I’ll try another buy…how bout that Echo/$29…