Amazon Fire 7" (2015) 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet

Amazon Fire 7" (2015) 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet

I own one, I have it mounted on a wall and hooked up to some speakers in my workshop. handy for playing music via Pandora or Amazon while in the shop. also works in a pinch for looking something up if I don’t have my phone on me.
I made the mount attachable to a cheap VESA arm so I can pull it down if I need to do more than push play/pause/next

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Before the “enthusiast” critics chime in with what it can’t do…it’s an 18 buck reliable tablet. If you have Prime, you can watch movies, listen to music, read a book.

Put on xWriter and get a keyboard and write. Geeze, 18 bucks, gang. 18.

I tried to order and was prompted to try Prime for 30 days and get free shipping. So I signed up, logged out and logged back in with Prime. I tried to place the order but was not given free shipping as advertised. Seems like just a ploy to get me to join Prime and get my credit card info. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

I don’t see any complaints, John.

I probably qualify as one of those tech “enthusiast” you were warned about, but I already own one – bought over a year ago to see what it could do, and I love it. Runs most Android apps, great battery life. Binge watched Outlander during a 14+ hour travel day this week and it lasted (just… but it lasted) the whole trip.

The one thing anyone buying should know is that according to the “specs.” there’s a charge cable, but no power supply. Hopefully not a biggie as they’re pretty cheap, just don’t people being ‘disappointed’ as this isn’t as clear as it might be.

Is there a GPS app that will run on this? If so, it would make a great addition to my sport-touring motorcycle.


Under sensors on the ‘specs’ tab they list an accelerometer but no GPS.

Hi there. Make sure you log in with your Amazon login using the Login with Amazon button. It won’t work with your woot login n