Amazon Fire 7" (2015) WiFi Tablets (S&D)


Amazon Fire 7" (2015) WiFi Tablets (S&D)


So, I got my two tablets. One in excellent condition, the other with a few small scratches on the screen. A few surprises:

  • One tablet had a 32 GB SD card installed, bonus!
  • Same tablet also had 19 family photos on SD card from 2015, creepy!
  • Easily installed Google Play Store using the auto-installer from, no more restriction to Amazon app store only.
  • Removed the Special Offers crapola from both tablets by contacting Amazon via chat and asking if they would remove as a courtesy to a loyal Amazon customer. Otherwise they charge $15 from your device management page, which is what I paid to buy the tablet from Woot!

These will be great little wall mount displays/home automation controllers, can’t wait until they get the next batch…

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