Amazon Fire 7" (2017) Wi-Fi Tablets

Amazon Fire 7" (2017) Wi-Fi Tablets

It says to choose color, capacity but only see quantity

Yeah, but below that it tells you that all that’s available is a new black 7” unit with 8gb of memory. Your only choice is really “how many do you want?”

So they’re recycling previous posts to include the options

Actually, that’s pretty much always been the case as far as I can tell from repeated sales of items I had never expected to see again. Just because they were sold out during a sale didn’t mean all of the items were gone. I now know that if I wait long enough, you will see the same item come up, or at least a variation of it.

This does mean that Woot! will save time by reusing the previous sales information. Normally, an editor will update what is actually for sale. For instance, here you saw previous choices, but if you read the actual text from the sale, it very clearly explained which one you were going to be buying… leaving sometimes traces of the previous sale and humor.

I don’t think that Woot! ever intentionally means to imply things are for sale that aren’t for sale. For the 10” tablet they left info in the copy about accessories for $1, from a previous sale. But it’s clear that those accessories weren’t available or they would have been very noticeable. Again, I don’t doubt that these accessories aren’t still available, but I don’t think that they intended to have that particular bonus sale reoccur at this time.

If you hang around long enough and make purchases in the future, you’ll see how this all comes together.

And if you have questions, you can always send a note to the customer service folks, hunt down one of the online staff members, or reach out to people like us. Most of us are willing to help out based on our experiences.


Is my answer above pretty close? :slight_smile:

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