Amazon Fire HD 10.1" (2015) WiFi Tablets

Ordered on the 10th received on the 13th - w00t!!!

Working right out of the box, looks brand new, not refurbished at all. Came in Amazon packaging. Awesomely crisp screen. I have an 8 inch HD Fire from the last sale and am very happy with it, this 10 inch one is for my mom for eBooks and her little games, but I really am impressed with the screen size and how thin this is!

Trying to figure out how to set up as she doesn’t have an Amazon account and I don’t want her using mine and accidentally ordering stuff, LOL, but that’s the nature of the Kindle Fire I guess.

Very happy with my Kindle purchases on w00t, the only warning I can give is to make sure when you order covers and screen protectors you get the model year right or they won’t fit. You should look for fits “2015 10 HD Fire” when buying accessories for this.