Amazon Fire HD 10.1" (2017) WiFi Tablets

Amazon Fire HD 10.1" (2017) WiFi Tablets

These were just $100 brand new at various retailers for Black Friday. $90(+shipping&tax) for returned product with a 90day warranty is a savings, but not all that much.

That said, been very happy with mine. You can sideload Google Play Services on it to get the Google Play Store(Amazon store is far more limited in app selection).

There are lockscreen ads. Easy to ignore.

For me, the choice was either spend $100 on this or over $500 on a Galaxy Tab S4 for an Android tablet. No brainer given the cost, even if the S4 is a superior device.

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The refurb is $119 on Amazon - new one $149 - good price here.

I bought the 7" version in Apr 2017 ($43 refurbished). It’s been on continuously as an Alarm clock ever since. The speakers sounded better than I expected. No complaints.

With a 10" screen this one would make a very nice reader.

Bought a new one on Saturday $ 115 no ads. Five payment option too.

likewise the same as you but one payment in total…been a great table since its initial release. I have added Play Store which makes an improvement