Amazon Fire HD 10 (2015) Keyboard Case

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2015) Keyboard Case

Hi, This fit Fire HD 10 (2017)?

Looked around on the Q&A on Amazon and it looks like it does not.

I notice they stress in the description that it is only for “5th gen” 2015 model. I have the newer one (2 years old now). I’m pretty sure that’s why they are able to sell these “new” for $16 – probably very few people with that gen of HD 10 Fires.

As a guy who writes a lot for a living, I am a bit of a keyboard nut. A lot of portable keyboards get in the way of writing with crummy spacing and awful keys.

This is the best wireless keyboard in this form factor I have ever used. I bought two. The keys are not all pushed together and are somewhat tactile, not like typing on gummi bears.

I simply cut off the HD 10 case part and use it on my various Kindle Fires. Paired instantly. NOTE: I could not get it to pair with a Surface 3. Android only?