Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

The specs seem to be for the current generation of hd 10 tablet. The 7th generation has micro usb, quad core processor and 10 hours battery life.
The description is correct, just the specs are wrong.

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So I wonder which is it a 2019 or 2017 are the specs wrong or is the description please answer Woot!

I also would like to know.

thank you

I would like to know before my purchase

I ordered one and it won’t let me order another despite stating that you can do multiple orders

Well… Those didn’t last long. :slightly_frowning_face:

The features are correct, the specs were incorrect (now updated). It is a 2017 model. Sorry!

it lets me select but not complete the order
so I am guessing sold out

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It allows me to select the 64GB black model but won’t add it to the cart. Is it sold out or what?

I get the same problem


Hi there. Problem is fixed. There are two 64GB Blacks. Same product but they’re different internal SKUs.

How do you add dock to order?

Keeps removing the item from my cart at checkout. Been like this for the past hour.

It’s sold out.

You can order the dock here:

Hi, does anyone know if these are going to have special offers? It doesn’t state anywhere on the description.

Morning. Probably so. It’ll vary from unit to unit as they’re refurbished.

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I’m definitely a bit disappointed in the quality of this listing. The tablet arrived today. While it’s in excellent condition, it was labeled as used, not refurbished. It also has special offers, which was not listed in the description anywhere. Between this missing information and the incorrect specs, I’m going to be hesitant to order from woot again…

Amazon uses different coding/words for their devices. The item was tested and works as it should.