Amazon Fire HD 6 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet

How much is shipping

Shipping is always $5 per order. We ship to the 48 contiguous states.

EDIT: Customer Service corrected the issue.

So what has to be done if ya’ll sent me a Kindle e-reader instead of a Fire hd? I will never use this thing. Is this false advertising or something? They sent a manual for both in the box but they sent a friggin kindle instead of what was listed in the advertisement.

UPDATE: CS has resolved the issue.

I received a Kindle e-reader instead of the Kindle Fire that was advertised on site. Why did this happen?

Same thing happened to me. Still haven’t gotten a reply from cs. Seems like something fishy is going on here.

UPDATE: CS resolved the issue

Also received a Kindle ebook reader instead of a Kindle fire hd 16gb what’s going on here

Just contact CS they refunded my money plus gave me a 5 dollar coupon. after that go back to the store page and buy an 8gb one before they sell out. you wont be out anything.

I contacted them but haven’t heard back.

Sorry for the problem. They usually answer within 12-24 hours but it can take a bit longer on weekends.

Also, be sure to check your junk/spam folders.

Same issue as above commenters. Contacted CS. Waiting for reply.

UPDATE: CS refunded money.

I would like to know why then they gave 5 bucks just for you: did you return the reader?
I asked to change mine with an 8GB version too but they didn’t reply yet.

It’s quite funny reading all the people that got kindles instead of the fire tablet. I wound up getting the fire tablet instead of the kindle. CS was great and no complaints - except I still REALLY NEED an e-reader. And the $20 ones keep selling out before I see their up and I don’t want to spend more until I know I actually LIKE being tied into Amazon.

So, WOOT - can I be on a waitlist for the $20 kindle? Please? LOL

I got a refund due to the “mislisting” and an email stating that they would send me a complenary kindle e reader. I was disappointed as I wanted the item they listed and I and others purchased, a 16GB Fire HD 6. I was actually able to purchase the same 16GB Fire HD 6 on Woot for $10 more the same morning they emailed me in regard to the mislisting. So, they had the tablets in stock but were not willing to honor the listed price. Isn’t that illegal? Trusting Woot would keep their promise and send me a complementary kindle, I let it go… I even bought a case for the kindle. The kindle never came, customer service was no help and now i’m feeling screwed over with a worthless kindle case. Very disappointed in you Woot.

Rather than tie everything up with waiting for your return and then sending a replacement -which would have taken weeks - we refunded and let you keep the e-reader. The price was correct but the description was not.