Amazon Fire HD 6 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet

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Amazon Fire HD 6 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Tuesday, Dec 06 to Wednesday, Dec 07) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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10/18/2016 - $29.99 - Click To See Discussion (21 comments)

On Black Friday I bought a newer Fire HD 8, which is a little bigger and newer, but there is some common ground. Mine cost about twice as much and has twice the memory.

Amazon is only giving a 90 day warranty on new Fire tablets, so you’d want to buy a Square Trade warranty either way. That’s a wash.

Amazon has these fairly locked down, but it was easy to sideload the Google Play app store without rooting it or anything, which gave me access to a lot more apps. They don’t all work (Google’s Inbox didn’t, but GMail did), but most do.

I bought the model with ads, and they haven’t driven me crazy enough to wish I’d spent the extra $15 to get one without them. They are on the lock screen and I think they appear once in a while in the notifications.

With my existing two-amp charger it takes a long time to charge, and the charger can’t quite keep up when I’m using it.

This thing is most useful if you’ve got a Prime account.

One big difference is that mine’s got a MicroSD slot, so I can add bunches of storage. 8GB isn’t a lot, but, if you are going to be connected to wifi most of the time, you can stream most everything.

I ordered one of these the last time they were offered and still haven’t received it. I’ve gotten no emails from Woot regarding the issue.

So I go check UPS and it says the package was damaged and that they reported it to the vendor. This was over a month ago.

Come on Woot, get on your game!

[MOD: Sorry for the problem. I see you were refunded the full amount earlier today.]

I got one of these a few months back for about $42. I do not regret it. My main tablet is an iPad pro, but I love this for reading and it’s not bad for watching video due to the HD screen. At this price, if you’re thin in about it, do it. If you haven’t already introduced your kid(s) to iPads or quality Android tablets, this is a good deal. They use these in my daughter’s school and she likes it (although she is all iPad at home).

Super deal. I have several different models of the Fire tablet and there are very reliable. This a great tablet to take with you on your way out the door. To the coffee shop or restaurant I don’t get so stressed out about damage or theft.

I bought one of these in October for my little one. I started it up over the weekend to set it up for Christmas and found that the kids operating system is installed and it’s pretty much useless unless I want to pay for kindle freetime. I think woot is going to let me return it- but I would advise to check yours out as soon as it arrives. I’m in for a replacement though- you still can’t beat the deal- especially to keep the kiddo away from my devices.

I don’t know what either of those things are.

There is one version of the Kindle made specifically for children- and that operating system is what was on my device. It’s set up to work with Kindle Freetime, a subscription to kids only content.

I just picked up an HD 8 and the OS allows for multiple profiles so you can switch back & forth out of Freetime. I’d imagine HD 6 is the same way; do a down swipe & a menu should come down where you can adjust settings & change profiles.

Bought one of these earlier. If all you do are checking emails, reading news and you just need a few apps, this would be perfect.

Size-wise this is good too. Small enough to slip in the inner pocket of my jacket.

A little heavy for its size, but the battery is surprisingly good. May be the reason for the weight.

Does not have an SD card slot though :frowning:

Another tip, update to the latest version of OS first before installing anything else.

You’ll need to do a hard reset of the device in order to gain some space after that.

(If you are a more advanced user, try doing a system recovery and also delete the cache, google or search YouTube for instructions.)

An 8" tablet isn’t a little bigger than a 6" tablet- it’s a lot bigger. The surface area of an 8" 1280x800 (16:10) tab is 28.76 sq inches while the 6" tab is only 16.18 sq inches. An 8" tablet is almost 80% larger in viewing area.

No SD chip capability?

I sold my 5th Generation 8" Fire with the SD slot because it was soooooooooo slow in comparison to these 6" ones. Apps that would literally take 15-20 seconds to load on the 8" are loaded pretty much the instant you touch your finger to the screen on the 6". The WiFi is much faster. My favorite is still the 7" HDX; if only it could update to the Fire OS 5.*. When I broke my original 7" HDX I sold it in that condition on eBay and bought a refurb from here. I have one on the charger at all times because it’s pretty much attached to me. Great for recipes in the kitchen, watching shows with headphones while someone else is watching something you’re not into on the big TV, etc.

Not this one. :frowning: One of it’s weakest points.

I actually had the same issue upon first start up of the one I bought in October. I can’t remember what I did exactly, but after a few restarts, I was able to figure out how to boot up the regular operating system. The kids OS has not made a return since.

From the specs I see the Amazon PowerFast charger is not included. Is there any charger included? What’s in the box?


The one I got last time does not include any charger.

I don’t know, guys. Fire 7 is $50 on Amazon. And that’s new, and free shipping if I got prime. $35 for a 6 inch is kinda debatable.