Amazon Fire HD 6 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet

October 4, 2014 PC Mag review:,2817,2469747,00.asp

"You have a kid. The kid rides in the back seat of your car. You want to keep the kid happy. The Fire HD 6 is almost the perfect tablet for this. I say “almost” because you’ll run up against that 5GB storage pretty quickly with videos, and there’s no Wi-Fi in your car, so streaming and FreeTime Unlimited videos won’t work.

The Amazon Fire HD 6 is probably the highest-quality tablet you’ll get for this low, low price. Amazon’s parental controls are excellent, and the screen and sound quality are both very solid for a sub-$100 tablet. If you’re interested in easily streaming Amazon content, and you’re almost always in places with Wi-Fi, you’ll have a good time here.

If you want a more flexible experience, though, we recommend a tablet with more memory or a card slot for expansion. The Asus MeMO Pad 7 offers similar performance, double the memory, longer battery life, and a card slot for $25 more (at Amazon, no less). All you lose there is the ability to stream Amazon content."

I don’t understand the fling feature. It appears you have to have an Amazon Fire Stick. If you have a Fire Stick, why won’t that be the conduit to your big screen?