Amazon Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi Tablets - Your Choice

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Amazon Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi Tablets - Your Choice
Price: $39.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Friday, Jun 03 to Monday, Jun 06) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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For $40, I’m in for one. I have been wanting something smaller than my iPad Air 2 to read books on, so this is on time. And if I get tired of it, box it back up and gift it away.

Not a good deal. I just paid $39 for a new one. they go on sale all the time.

I returned mine to Amazon after 4 days. Terrible OS.

I don’t have any personal experience with these, but the Fire HD 6 is different from the cheaper Fire Tablet. The latter’s screen is lower resolution.

Bought one of these from Amazon for my 5 year old. Pretty slick tablet for $40 and if she drops it and breaks it I’m only out $40.

As for this deal…I paid $40 for a new one. As someone above stated, these go on sale all the time.

NOTE: This is NOT the same model as the one that regularly goes on sale for $30-$40. That model is the base Amazon Fire, which regularly sells for $50 and has a non-HD 7" screen.

THIS model is the Amazon Fire HD 6, a 6" tablet with an HD screen that regularly sells for $100 and goes on sale for $70-$80 (it’s on sale right now, new, for $69.99).

This one is horrible. Got this to replace a second generation one, and there is a reason it is so affordable. Don’t do it. Amazon has dialed down how great the Kindle is, and I am glad that my first generation Kindle Fire is still doing great, and in perfect condition because the newer versions are just not worth it.

I won won of these at work. I love the thing - it is the perfect size to throw in your purse or diaper bag to have as a helper if your kiddos start getting rowdy or you’re bored. The screen is beautiful and for this price you can’t go wrong. There are plenty of cases available and really - if you decide you don’t like it - pass it along - It’s just 40 dollars and if you don’t appreciate it - someone else will! :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a new one on Amazon:

Here is a link to the refurbs on amazon:

For contrast, I got one of the 7" $50 tablets at Christmas. It’s decent for most light tasks but the screen probably isn’t sharp enough for long term reading. Frame rate drops playing games like Hearthstone, but they play ok. Most of our usage is for recipes in the kitchen or streaming Amazon Prime music to our Bluetooth speaker.

In comparison, this tablet on sale here is slightly smaller/lighter with better screen, speakers, and cpu. However, this one does not have expandable storage (no sd card slot) so opt for the 16gb if you take the plunge. The 8gb version only has ~4.5gb left for the user.

Here is a link to the new one but there is a side by side comparison if you scroll down:

You must be thinking of the 7" Fire, not the 6" HD.

A new 6" HD has never been lower than $69 per

Whats great about these is you can add Google Play services to them and then download from Google Play apps and add things like Youtube and Chrome browser.

This is not the $39.00 model. However, that model has a larger screen, but does not have the 16 option, and is not so compact as the 6 inch screen is. I have every mode of kindle, because I do like the programs on the Kindle os, and find that I hardly ever use the os that was used as the pattern. I have only have had one of 15 turn out to need repairs, and i was able to pull off the back and repair it.

I’d be hard pressed to buy it from here, when you can get one from amazon warehouse for roughly the same price and return it 30 days after purchase if you have issues or just don’t like it. I’d rather have that then a 90 day Woot warranty.

What’s great about the Fire HD family is that they are a very functional Android tablet, which can’t be beat at this price. Root it (takes 5 minutes with free tools you download from web), put google play on it, replace the lame Amazon launcher with something better from the play store (I like ADW), and you’re off. Runs almost all android apps, not just those Amazon wants to give/sell you.

The form factor makes the 6" great as a wireless home device wifi remote. It is also a nice wireless touchscreen to control a headless Raspberry Pi using a ssh client with X forwarding. I use JuiceSSH with XSDL for this.

You will definitely want the 16GB version for $20 extra. No SD slot in this model, as others have noted.

The 8GB version is currently $70 on Amazon ($55 refurbished). The 16GB is $90 (refurb currently not available), so this is the best deal going at the moment, even with added shipping.

Man, I just want a 6" or 7" HD display and built in SD Card reader. I just don’t get why that’s not an option. You can have 6" HD and no reader or 7" Standard Def and reader… Just gonna hold out for another ASUS refurb, I guess.

your right, thanks for correcting me.

Another correction for you: “You’re right.”

I love the silliness on Woot.