Amazon Fire HD 6 Wi-Fi Tablets - Your Choice

Is this the current generation tablet?

It is a current model still for sale on Amazon.

Amazon Fire Page

Got one of these the last time they were offered. Mine was marked refurbished not used. No cosmetic problems. Also did not have Special Offers. YMMV.

Installed Google Play services and store using these instructions:

Could not select device driver per instructions. Worked anyway.

Did NOT have to root tablet, so no warranty worries. Also turns off Special Offers if present.

I got one of these the last time there was a daily deal for it. Love it. Inexpensive, HD screen is nice for Netflix or Amazon Prime videos. It’s not an iPad, so you can’t expect quality at that level, but for $40, it’s well worth it.
I have an iPad Air 2, but this is perfect for reading books and it fits in your back pocket or purse. I got a purple Amazon branded case from Amazon and it’s perfect.
If you’re thinking about getting it, get it. You can’t really go wrong. And if you don’t like it, repackage it and gift it.
Also, NO ADS!

I also got one last time. I’ve installed several apps, so I am glad I went with the extra memory. It gets used more than I thought it would, honestly. I also got a purple Amazon cover for it. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, so I don’t think I’ll use this for reading (the Paperwhite is easier on the eyes and has much better battery life), but it’s a nice option for me to use instead of my phone, since I perfer to get the smallest smart phone I can get my hands on so they actually fit in my pockets, and this saves my phone’s battery and gives me a reasonable size screen for passing time or perusing the internet. Some games eat the battery rather fast, but I still get several hours out of it. In short, I’m glad I got one, and it’s been great.

No expedited shipping this time?

It looks like this is the only Fire tablet that does not have expandable storage, is that correct?

In answer to the last two questions the vendor says:

“Expedited shipping options are available in the offer. And no to the expandable storage.”

I seem to collect Fire tablets like some people collect baseball cards. I had a very first gen that was a great entry point that I sold to a friend when I got the 2nd gen 8.9". I find it too large and the display too grainy. Then I got the 7" HDX, which was the absolute bomb diggity until I dropped it face-first on the tile floor in the bathroom and it’s not cost effective to fix. I got a 7" HD on the last go around, and if it had been the very first one I’d bought, I wouldn’t have gone back again; instead I’d have picked up a decent Galaxy Tab or something because, while the SD card is a nice thing, it’s slower than molasses running uphill. I bought one of these on a whim because it was so dang cheap and it’s actually snappier than the 7". With only 8 GB of memory, you’re not going to install a whole bunch of apps, but if you lose it or drop it you’re not going to lose sleep over it either. Great for whiling away the time waiting for a doctor’s appointment and they can’t give you grief for using your phone. The one I received is impossible to differentiate from a brand-spanking-new one out of the box other than the packaging being plain vanilla. If you’re on the fence, jump off on the purchase side.

Does this come with a Washington Post subscription like a new model would?

Probably not, but it’s possible. We don’t list is, so as not to set you up for disappointment.