Amazon Fire HD 6" Wi-Fi Tablets

Can anyone confirm that these are NOT ad-supported?

It is the ad supported version. If it says “Includes Special Offers” then it is the ad version. I have one and it is not bad, I bought a second today.

Thanks. Can’t believe I missed that in the title. I use my old Kindles for Perk - would a special offers version cause any problems for that? I’ve never had an ad supported one so have no idea.

This is more for Woot staff than buyers. Happy to see these, as just last Friday on my syndicated radio show for the Catholic Diocese of La Crosse, I mentioned Woot!

There is something called the “Parish App” that works on smartphones, etc. that allows not only general info for the particular diocese, but even for a specific church with events, news, and even archives of my show and a magazine.

I pointed these out to show that one does not need to spend hundreds of dollars for a device and, coupled with all the free WIFI out there, no additional outlay is needed. And I said to keep checking Woot for them!

The show runs on four Catholic stations in WI, one commercial station covering a lot on MN and Iowa and is picked up by another network in Nebraska serving Omaha and parts of South Dakota.

Whether a person gets one of these for the purpose I mention, or general news, etc., it is a great value.

So it’s not really a sale, so much as it is a subsidy. You pay less money, but in exchange you have to be bombarded with ads or pay more money to make them go away.

When I ordered a regular Kindle in the past they accidentally sent me the subsidized version. Amazon fixed it for free since it was their mistake, but if I had to pay to get the ads turned off it would have been around $20.

If you don’t mind the ads then this isn’t a bad deal. But assuming the pricing for removing ads is consistent, then if you don’t like them the 6" 8GB Fire is going to cost you close to $50 in the end. At that point you’re betting off spending an extra $15 to get a new 7" 8GB Fire direct from Amazon.

Thanks for sharing your Kindle wisdom and Woot love with the world! We appreciate it :slight_smile:

It is still a sale. A sale from the regular priced kindle with special offers. The new one that you are talking about also has special offers, so it is 15+20 more for what you really are talking about.

Second, as for the special offers concept itself, I dont know why that is such a big deal considering it just shows up on the lock screen.

And it’s super cheap to remove the ads if they bother you. I always said I would do it, but they really aren’t intrusive so I keep forgetting about it.

It’s a refurbished, older version of the device that you get for a lower price in exchange for it showing you ads. That’s really not much of a sale. If it was the current version that would be a different story.

The newer one I’m talking about is the one without ads, It’s $65, and I’d rather spend the extra $15 to get a newer, better model than what it would cost me to buy this old one and pay to stop the advertisements.

Like I said in my earlier comment, I previously got an “special offers” device in the past by accident. I found the ads to be obnoxious, regardless of where on the device they appeared. I’m not going to pay a company for the privilege of being advertised to.

Ah - my bad. You are right, the Kindle fire without ads is $65.

I guess the only thing to point out is that this older one has a significantly better screen and faster processor. I agree with you though. I hate paying comparable prices for an older device.

Ads - I guess it is a question of preference. I found them unobtrusive. And you are paying for the privilege of not being advertised to anyway. :slight_smile:

There is an option to pay the $15 to turn adds off on the ad versions.

The 8GB version will leave you about 5GB before you install a single app with the bloatware. Basically it’s useless.

I bought one of these that was supposed to have ads, but it didn’t, so you might get lucky.

Not really, unless you intend on making this your main tablet. For this price, it’s a great e-reader (books are small files) and in inexpensive tablet that you can take anywhere in a purse or pocket and not worry about losing out on hundreds of dollars if it’s lost or stolen.
I have one and love it for reading. Also Netflix and other TV network apps fit on it and the clarity is actually HD, so it looks good. Just don’t expect the audio to be good (use headphones or external speakers).
If I hadn’t already spoiled my kid on iPad, I’d have bought her one… or three. Hell, these are inexpensive. I love mine and I have an iPad Pro for all of my real tablet needs.

You folks crack me up. I once had to pay $1,000 for 550 MB (not GB) hard drive that was A/V capable.

I don’t carry my whole life on a tablet or phone.

Guys! These kinda are running old firmware. Its super easy to root them, and remove all the ads permanently. This is ideal! DO NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE! ROOT FIRST

Bought this over a month ago…I was first sent the kid version so I returned it to get what was advertised…then utter ridiculousness ensued. They sent back a kindle keyboard. Uh, nope…not what I paid for. They send a return label, I send it back, and then wait AGAIN for the correct item to be sent. They again send the kindle keyboard…FOUR MADDENING TIMES this happens. FOUR TIMES! Now, they decide they’ll issue a refund AFTER THEY RECEIVE THE LATEST INCORRECT ITEM THAT THEY SENT AND I WAIT AN ADDITIONAL 3-5 DAYS FOR PROCESSING…are you kidding me woot? SO DONE.

Wow. That’s really terrible. I’m so sorry about that. I’m going to reach out to my contact’s at Customer Service and figure out what went wrong. Keep an eye on your email.