Amazon Fire HD 8" (2015) 16GB Tablet

So … How do I get the free Prime shipping? I’m a prime member, but it still wants to charge me. Is there a hidden button I need to select while wearing my secret decoder ring to gain passage? :wink:

just bought one of these at full price from B*** B**, for my mother (age 88) to use. Now I can keep up with her! Wish I’d gotten this sale 2 weeks ago!

Never mind. I had to sign out and sign back in with the Zon. All good now.

I would like to buy this for a friend and I don’t know much about the Amazon Fire OS. Are you able to update software on this tablet from OS 5 to OS 6?

I bought the 2016 version off Woot about a month ago for the same price (but with shipping). I believe there are differences from the 2015 to the 2016 versions.

Can u tell me which version of OS-5 this Fire tablet comes with??

It can vary from unit to unit depending on previous updates installed (or not).

I did the same thing, I believe there’s a difference at the the location of the volume buttons and the headphone jack. Otherwise they are very similar. It’s just harder to find hard/rubberized protective cases for them.

I thought my friend had WiFi. Is there any way she can use this without? She has an IPhoneX through AT&T and watches UTube all the time. Wouldn’t that need WiFi? Obviously, we’re both a little tech ignorant, sorry.