Amazon Fire HD 8" (2015) Wi-Fi Tablets

The most important question is:
Have they been sanitized?

Trying to order these, but it wants to charge me $5 shipping even though I’m a Prime member and logged in through Amazon. :-/

Edit: Never mind, I just had to post about it here and then the shipping charge went away a second later. Magic!

Just a couple thoughts. If you really can not afford more than this, this is an OK entry into a very basic tablet. You will be able to watch video content, use as a kindle, and related things.

If you can afford it AT ALL, spend $80 for a new one. Faster processor, better screen, built in Alexa, etc…and you know that one is new…in fact, they have used ones there for just a tad over $50…what, for the new model?? Go to the mother ship now and check it out.

No thanks NSA

…I shot the Echo.

But I did not shoot the deputy…

Looking for a tablet for my kid, think this would be cheap and decent one? Mainly just for movies and shows to help curb meltdowns in extreme cases, yes I know parenting at its finest! Thanks for the input

Not sure how much of a performance different there is between the two, but I picked up the 2016 model of the tablet for myself. It’s not the snappiest device I’ve ever used, but it’s not too shabby for $30. Will be plenty fine for watching video. Should also be fine for playing games, especially if your child is younger and doesn’t have big gaming demands. For reference, mine plays Vainglory without a hitch. If your child is 2-8 or -10, I suspect you would be satisfied with your result.

IMHO, any of these Kindles work as a nice backup when I need a good charge on my phone.

This is highly disappointing: I can’t find the official Amazon case for this model.

If you’re not familiar, the official case (which we have for our 2014 Fire HD 6 woot specials) fits incredibly well, feels like its part of the device, and has a flap that covers and protects the screen with a magnet that triggers the device to shut off the screen and lock. I’m fairly sure that all HD models had this available upon release, I’m amazed they stopped producing them, as they cost as much as this tablet (they had to be making decent money on them).

My wife’s and kid’s HD 6s have survived some hard drops onto tile without damage because of these cases.

The after-market ones are all either slip-fit (eg: slide it in and hope it doesn’t slide out, zero drop protection if it lands on a corner, etc.) or springy corner clamps (which again are garbage if you actually drop the thing).

Amazon is forcing Alexa onto all of their tablets, you can’t get away from it. We bought 3 2014 HD6 models that most definitely did not have it when we first got them, but Amazon forced it onto them with an update. You cannot disable it either… you have to go into “installed applications” to find and kill it as it hides it from the “running applications” screen.

Alexa is the one thing I hate about these tablets (well, that and how locked down the bootloader is, I’d love to put AOSP on one). Outside of that, they’re outstanding (especially for the price). Sucks that the official cases are nowhere to be found (see my other post).

Edit: Note that there are 3 Alexa processes you have to search for and kill two with Alexa in the name and one called FireFly. At least the last one (and maybe Alexa Cards) have to be killed repeatedly. One only restarts on reboot.

Can this unit be linked to my amazon fire box to be used as a keyboard for it?

its adding shipping to mine and I signed in through Amazon Prime

Just how locked is the bootloader?

It would be a requirement to get Google Play et al and I don’t want to spend a day doing it.

Logged in with Prime account but it’s still charging me $5 for shipping

I’m a prime member. Why am I being charged for shipping?

The Fire Tablet is quite hackable/moddable. Just Google it.