Amazon Fire HD 8" (2016) 16GB Tablet

Anyone used a “special offers” device with kids? Are the ads overly-obtrusive? Can clicking them initiate an unintended purchase?

You set up the device with a kid account so they can’t buy anything without your private adult password. That way you have to approve any purchase regardless of what they click. It’s great.

What are the “special offers included”? I don’t see anything listed.

It’s an Amazon advertisement service that shows up on the lock screen to subsidize the cost of the unit. If I understand correctly, it can is only on the lock screen, so pretty unobtrusive. If you don’t like it, you can pay $15 to remove the subsidy.

It’s ads. From what I’ve heard from Wooters, you only see them on start-up and lock screen.

You only see the ads on the lock screen. If you set up a freetime account, your kid won’t see any ads.

I ordered mine yesterday and got them today.

Both look brand new and are snappy as heck.

For those worried about ads, on the home screen, where it lists your apps, the top row contains suggested Amazon products or apps. Honestly, didn’t notice it because I am so used to seeing the same thing on every App store, Google search result, Facebook and every web page ever. I guess I’ve trained my brain to ignore that. Just speculating, but if you have a lot of kids apps it probably will advertise a lot of kids apps. That may create some unexpected results if you don’t set up a child account.

Wow…a perfectly great little tablet for $30. Makes me want to get another!

I recived this tablet without ads :slight_smile:

Is this the 6th Gen model?


Does it have access to Android apps (Google Play?)

Can you read a book in direct sunlight?

This can be a little difficult because the screen can be reflective. The paper white kindle models are much better for reading direct sunlight.

No, not without “rooting” the tablet.