Amazon Fire HD 8" (2016) 16GB Tablet

Got one in the last go around, looks and works perfectly.

You could have fooled me that this is refurbished.

Tried get this a few days age, ordered one,three days later woot withdrew it from order,returned money, saying sold out, and here it still is.

I saw the same thing but checked back on the 27th and more had come in. Placed my order on the 28th and it shipped on the 31st. Tracking (as of 8am on January 2 shows it’s in Dallas (less) than 100 miles from my home.

Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw.

It says it can’t be registered because it’s already registered to someone else. Any suggestions?

Amazon should be able to help you with this.

If for some reason they can’t, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I ordered this model early this month, and kinda started to use it a few days back. The battery was out, so I made it charged. After a few steps of registration and setup, it worked as I expected. But after a few minutes, it suddenly reset itself without any notification. And this happened again and again, I guessed it could be a software problem, so I made an OS upgrade to (and then official However, more weird things came out. The tablet continued to configure the system before startup every time, and continued to crash every time when doing this. It was dead. Now I’m pretty sure there is hardware defect on my tablet. So guys, don’t trust the word “refurbished” too much. I might be bad before being refurbished.

As of yesterday mine (order on Dec. 28th) turned into a brick. I’ve email support for an RMA. Does anyone know if there are any of these still being provided as replacements? I really liked it while it worked…even better than my iPad.