Amazon Fire HD 8" (2016) 16GB Tablet

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Amazon Fire HD 8" (2016) 16GB Tablet
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jan 23 to Wednesday, Jan 24) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Just got one of these from a previous woot!.

No real complaints. Enjoying it a lot, battery seems great and screen was perfect.

It does like 85%+ of what my old iPad mini does - sometimes better. No qualms about this for the price. Definitely get a microSD in this bad boy as the standard bloat are doesn’t give you much room.

Can these get access to youtube?

Oh for sure. Through the browser or through the app. Nice little devices. Especially for $30. I aready had a Fire 7" and picked one of these up for $30 a few months back. Looked brand new. And to think that I spent $300 on a 64GB Blackberry Playbook about five years ago. ICK!

Yep, no issues with YouTube.

The YouTube app in the Amazon appstore is still fine for their tablets - it was only pulled from the Fire TV boxes/sticks. I’ve also never had a problem opening YouTube videos from Naked Browser (which I would recommend instead of their preinstalled Silk browser).

These tablets are pretty darn tough to beat for the money. They’re great devices for web browsing, shopping, watching movies, listening to music, reading graphic novels, Minecraft (in the case of my kids), and pretty much everything else we’ve tried to do with them.

Completely agree - I had purchased one of the HD6 tablets for the same price as these with the micro-SD slot. I added Google Play to each, and an inexpensive case that allows it to stand up. Great for downloading Netflix episodes for travel. Nothing wrong with this deal at all imo.

I’ve gotten a total of 4 of these for family members. Great deal. All 4 have arrived without “special offers” (your mileage may vary). One of 4 had minor scratches near the charge port from the previous owner. Otherwise, they all look and work like new.

YouTube works great.

Be sure to sideload the Google Play store. Amazon app store is a little restrictive, but adding the play store solves the issue entirely.


I bought one of these and it rocks. Battery is fine, looks brand new. Occasionally use it to read or watch tv at work with my slingbox. Put the news on and leave it on the corner of my desk. No complaints at all, for 30 bucks this is a home run

I’ve bought two, and what Woot and Amazon do NOT tell you, but SHOULD, is that registering them requires a call in to Amazon Tech Support. I wasted a long time trying to register the damn thing by following the instructions on the Fire itself.

On the 2nd Fire, Amazon Tech Support was unable to register it, either. After a tech and her manager both tried for several minutes on hold, they told me it was unregisterable, and suggested I return it.

Woot was apologetic, and offered to reimburse me with an extra small gift for my troubles (THANK YOU, WOOT!), but lo and behold! - the next morning the Fire was magically registered to my account. Dunno what went right.

Anyway: CALL INTO AMAZON TECH SUPPORT IMMEDIATELY FOR HELP REGISTERING, if it doesn’t go smoothly on the first try.

I’ve had the same good luck with no “special offers” on my refurbished HDX 8.9 or HD 6. And great battery life, physical condition, and anything else I’d worry about.

Can’t say I agree with you on the need for Google Play. Outside of Google’s own apps (or maybe if someone has purchased content), there are plenty of other ways to find apps. Of the six in our house, I’ve only installed it on one. And that was only because I wanted access to Drive/Docs/Sheets - I immediately uninstalled the store after it tried updating apps that I downloaded from Amazon instead of Play.

For everything else, we’ve been doing fine with the Amazon store, APK Pure, the Sourceforge pages for specific apps, etc.

Got one last time around and I’m glad I did. For a “kicking around” tablet, $30 is just right.

I would not, however, describe the screen as perfect. It’s noticeably lower resolution than my ipad (2013) and my kindle HDX (which I also got on woot and would buy 5 more times). But it’s also $30 and my 2 year-old can throw it in the toilet without me getting too upset.

What Generation # is this tablet? I’d like to get a case for this and don’t want to get the wrong size.


Amazon says the tablet I received was reported stolen. What’s going on guys???

:\ We get them from Amazon.

I’m sorry for the problem. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.